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Certification exams at ChefConf

Chef Certification for ChefConf 2017 Participants

Certified Chef Developer

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ChefConf 2017 will be held May 22-24 in Austin, TX. This is a great opportunity to join a very engaged group of practitioners interested in learning and sharing all things automation and DevOps. And it is also a good time to get started towards becoming a Certified Chef Developer.

Click here to go to the ChefConf registration page. And remember to select the check box indicating interest in certification exams when registering for the conference.

Exam Details

Take a look at the badge scoping documents linked below to learn what is covered in the exams.

These free exams are only available to those attending ChefConf 2017 and only if the exam is completed onsite at the conference.

Either the Extending Chef or Deploying Cookbooks badge can be the third and final exam for achieving Certified Chef Developer status.

Badge Scope

Here is detailed scope for each of the available badge exams

Click this link for Basic Chef Fluency Badge Details

Click this link for Local Cookbook Development Badge Details

Click this link for Extending Chef Badge Details

Click this link for Deploying Cookbooks Badge Details

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