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Basic Chef Fluency Badge

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When you earn this badge you will have demonstrated the ability to discuss and explain Chef concepts and features, and describe Chef to someone who has little to no knowledge of Chef. You understand basic common Chef terminology (e.g. the difference between a cookbook and a recipe) and can answer the questions "why Chef?" and "why Chef workflow?", and can explain the different licensing models and distinguish between Open Source and Premium features. Finally, you are able to convey Chef's basic design philosophy & value proposition.

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Badge Scope

Here is a list of categories covered in this exam. Click this link for Basic Chef Fluency Badge Details

  • Chef basic terminology
  • Describing Chef
  • Design philosophy
  • Chef Workflow basics
  • Understanding basic Chef code

Awarded Credential

Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will be awarded the Basic Chef Fluency badge.

Learning Resources

To prepare for this assessment, we encourage you to go through the following learning tracks in LearnChef Rally:

  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Becoming a Part of the Chef Community
  • Continuous Automation
These tutorials are at

Linux Academy provides courses that support Chef certification badges.

It is also recommended that you attend Chef Essentials training. Details can be found at

You will need to know foundational information about Chef Automate. This video will be a great start

Exam Format

The exam for Basic Chef Fluency is multiple choice questions format and delivered by PSI, Chef's online assessment partner. The test will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Questions? Please check out the FAQ -