Chef Certification

Ready to validate that you have the skills and knowledge to pass the certification exams? We have developed three challenges in Learn Chef Rally to help you test yourself before signing up for an exam.

We have lots of new stuff happening with our certificaiton program. To celebrate we are offering a 25% discount for exams purchased through the month of October. When signing up for an exam, use the code CERT25.

Chef Certification

The badge-based Chef certification program provides the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities and communicate your credentials wherever and whenever you choose. The combined knowledge and performance assessment approach provides the opportunity to demonstrate Chef proficiency in real world scenarios.

Chef badges provide the following benefits:

  • Combine your badges to achieve Chef certification levels
  • Display your qualifications on social and professional networking sites
  • Provide employers with easy, valid verification of your credentials

Certified Chef Developer

To reach this level of certification you must pass three of the following badge exams

Recommended skill building and learning resources - Instructor led training - Chef Automate Overview video - Available Chef learning resources - Free Chef tutorials


Click on any of the badges below for details and exam preparation guidance including the registration link.