Chef Certification FAQ

What is the Chef Certification program?

The Chef Certification program provides an opportunity to demonstrate and communicate your automation skills wherever and whenever you choose. Chef uses a badge-based assessment approach that lets you customize your level of certification in a way that reflects the skills most applicable to you. Assessment badges reflect a mastery of practical real world skills you use to solve problems with automation.

What Badges and Certification levels are currently available?

Available badges and associated exams are available for Basic Chef Fluency, Local Cookbook Development, Extending Chef, Deploying Cookbooks, and Auditing with InSpec.

Why use a badge system?

A core DevOps principle is Kaizen; an iterative approach to continuous improvement. As new technologies emerge, Chef believes you need the flexibility to mix and match practical skills as your problem sets evolve. No “expert” is ever defined by a few static skills or a checklist of boxes. True capability is communicated as evolving sets of skills that reflect introductory, intermediate, or advanced mastery of a particular practice.

How are badges that lead to Certification earned?

Each badge has a corresponding exam. Exams include both multiple choice questions and hands-on exercises. The exams center around real world performance-based problem solving where you will interact with a live environment and solve real problems with code you create. These exams won’t be easy. But they will signify you know how to solve real problems to help your customers reach success.

What are the rules for exam takers?

This will be a proctored exam and there are rules that will be enforced.

  • You will be asked to present legal identification
  • Your work area must be clear of papers, cell phones, tablets
  • You are not allowed to have conversations with anyone other than the proctor during the exam
  • No video or photographic recording of the exam is allowed
  • What are the system requirements?

    You should verify the following minimum requirements. Full list available at

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X and above, Linux, or Chrome OS
  • Google Chrome or Chromium version 32 and above
  • Browser must accept 3rd party cookies for the duration of the exam. To change your settings visit: chrome://settings/content and unblock 3rd party cookies.
  • Webcam/Microphone - Minimum VGA 640 X 480 resolution, Enabled built in or external microphone
  • Innovative Exams Google Chrome Extension
  • TCP: ports 80 and 443
  • Bandwidth: Minimum 500kb/s download and 256kb/s upload
  • Webcam/Microphone - Minimum VGA 640 X 480 resolution, Enabled built in or external microphone
  • Hardware: 1 GB RAM & 2GHz dual core processor, minimum 1280 X 80 resolution
  • How can I prepare for the exam?

    The best preparation for the exam is to use Chef. Your experience is what will lead you to a successful exam result. Chef provides a variety of skill building options, free or fee, and details can be found at If you are looking for training, we recommend you check out the first two tutorials at and consider attending Chef Essentials training. We have both Linux and Windows versions of the class and it is offered online or in person. Check it out at For each badge we have provide expectations for what you will need to know and be able to do with Chef -

    Is training required before taking an assessment?

    Not required but highly recommended. Before taking any of the exams it will be best for you to explore the information on each badges preparation guide. The detailed scope document will help you understand what topics will be covered in the exam.

    How will my certification be shared with me if I pass?

    The results of your certification exam will be shared with you in your training account. Log in at

    How long is the certification valid?

    Certification is valid for three years.

    Where do I take the exams?

    Chef certification assessments will be delivered online in a scheduled, timed and proctored exam environment. Links are at

    How long will I need to wait to retake the exam if I don’t pass?

    If you do not pass an exam, you may attempt to retake the exam after waiting for a minimum of one week. Payment is required for all retakes.

    What is the duration of the exam?

    The duration of exams varies depending on the badge. Basic Chef Fluency is 60 minutes and all others are 90 minutes.

    What type of questions are included in the exam?

    The exams include a blend of both multiple choice questions as well as performance challenges where you will work with Chef in a virtual environment. Explore the preparation guide page for each badge for details.

    What is the cost?

    The cost for the Basic Chef Fluency badge exam is $75 and the cost for all other exams is $99. If you are using a coupon code when making payment for the exam, only one code can be used. The code that is used can not be changed once payment is made.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    If, for any reason, you are not able to take an exam on your scheduled date, you must cancel 24 hours or more before the appointment and reschedule.

    How do I add my Chef certification to my LinkedIn profile?

    In your training account at you will be able to view your acquired certifications and share to LinkedIn.

    What’s the difference between Chef certification and Chef Partner Certification?

    The Chef Partner Certification Program leverages the individual certification program to determine if a Partner's employees have the requisite skills to deliver a Chef Professional Services Engagement. There are additional requirements for Partners beyond having their consultants certified, which can be found at

    Customer Comments

    It was great.

    - Rakuten Inc.

    Class was excellent, and the Instructor was even better! Robin Beck is the best!

    - CRITEO

    Just Great!

    - IBM

    The lab setups are excellent and allow the class to focus on the training objectives. It was a great way to get hands on experience with Compliance in one day.

    - CVS Health

    This was the best course I've ever taken. The instructor was just GREAT!

    - IBM

    Robin Beck provided an excellent training: he was very knowledgeable and held a very comprehensive two day training session!

    - Shomi

    I was sad to have the training end! The personalized attention from the instructor was priceless. Chef made sense and I LOVED it! Every question and problem were solved and explained. Truly craft masters of Chef, take this and be ready to be amazed. I'm applying what I learned the next week after the course. Thank you CHEF!

    - Trace3

    I will recommend this class to my organization as one of the more complete solutions to on boarding new Chef users.

    - The MITRE Corporation