1.0.0 Basic Computing

1.0.0 Basic Computing


This 1-day class is for people new to either the Linux or Windows server environments.


Before you can succeed in DevOps, you need to be comfortable with basic computing skills.  This class enables you to participate in the next-level Chef classes by teaching you basic command-line usage, connecting to remote workstations and servers, and using editors such as vi/vim, nano and Visual Studio Code.


This instructor-led hands-on technical class will give new DevOps Engineers, System Operations, and Code Developers the ability to:

  • Log in to remote Windows and Linux servers using RDP and SSH
  • Understand absolute versus relative directory pathing
  • Use the Linux terminal and Windows Powershell command line environments
  • Use Linux and GUI based editors

This one-day course is free if you are signed up for any Chef course, and is $495 otherwise.  It is offered as a virtual online class.  It is also available for private training classes either virtually or on-site.

Topics covered:


  1. Logging in to remote servers
    • Accessing remote Linux and Windows servers, from both Mac and Windows workstations
    • Using PuTTY with SSH Keys on Windows
    • Accessing Linux servers using SSH
    • Accessing Windows servers using RDP

  2. Using Editors
    • vi / vim - the basic Linux editor
    • Installing vi for Windows Powershell
    • nano - an alternative Linux editor
    • Visual Studio Code for Windows
    • Quoting: single versus double quotes
  3. Customizing the Environment
    • Linux: Bash profiles
    • Windows: Powershell profiles
    • Command Aliases

  4. Command-line usage
    • Listing directories
    • Changing directories
    • Displaying file contents
    • Absolute versus relative pathing
    • Moving, copying and deleting files
    • Installing packages
    • Starting services
    • Managing processes

Workstation Requirements

For virtual classes, you should have a computer (on which you have root or Administrator access), a microphone, a headset and an external monitor.

For in-person classes, only a Wi-Fi enabled laptop (on which you have root or Administrator access) is needed.


The following operating systems have been tested as workstation systems with the hands on exercises:

Ubuntu 10.04, 12.04

Mac OS X 10.7.3+

Windows 7+

Other platforms and platform versions may work without modification. Due to time constraints we will not be able to troubleshoot issues with unlisted platforms.


This course is delivered virtually online and you can attend from any location on the planet with a solid internet connection. 


For our Private classes (where an instructor teaches your group exlusively, with no one else in the class) contact us at training@chef.io


If you have signed up for another Chef class and want to take this class for free, please contact training@chef.io for your coupon code to register for free



8 hours

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Onsite Training

For groups of three or more

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Public Training

Customer Comments

Class was excellent, and the Instructor was even better! Robin Beck is the best!


I don't usually like online training, but this training was great and Eric is really good, well-organized, and in control. The way he engaged each participants is amazing, and how he troubleshoot issues.

- BlackBerry Limited

I will recommend this class to my organization as one of the more complete solutions to on boarding new Chef users.

- The MITRE Corporation

Robin Beck provided an excellent training: he was very knowledgeable and held a very comprehensive two day training session!

- Shomi

Excellent information presented by an experienced practitioner and an excellent presenter.

- Telmate

It was great.

- Rakuten Inc.

The lab setups are excellent and allow the class to focus on the training objectives. It was a great way to get hands on experience with Compliance in one day.

- CVS Health

Even though I've been using Chef for three years, I found this class immensely useful; not only did it allow me to examine and compare my current practices to those presented in the training, but I learned several new techniques for using Chef tools.

- Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts