Chef Automate Compliance

Chef Automate Compliance


How can you ensure that your systems are secure without slowing down your deployments? With Chef Automate compliance, you express your security requirements as code and automate the assessment and remediation of your infrastructure.


In the instructor-led Chef Automate compliance course, you will learn how to use the Chef Automate compliance UIs, perform compliance scans against Windows and Linux nodes, and remediate compliance issues.

In addition, you will learn how to use InSpec, Chef's open source testing framework for infrastructure. You will create and modify compliance profiles and also locate Department of Defense (DoD) compliance specifications that you can use as a basis for an InSpec compliance profile.  You will also learn how to use the Chef audit cookbook, which allows you to run InSpec profiles as part of the chef-client run. This course includes hands-on exercises to reinforce the material.

One day course agenda:

  • Chef Automate compliance overview
  • Using the Chef Automate UI and the Chef compliance server UI
  • Running compliance scans, remediating issues, and re-scanning nodes
  • Creating and managing custom compliance profiles using InSpec 
  • Using the audit cookbook
  • Applying compliance frameworks using InSpec (translating DoD specifications into compliance tests)
  • Scheduling scans and running reports
  • Managing users, organizations, teams and permissions

Workstation requirements

Attendees should bring a network-enabled laptop with a Remote Desktop Client that supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). For example:

  • Windows 7 or higher with Remote Desktop Connection
  • Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) with Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Ubuntu 14.04 with Remmina Remote Desktop Client

Attendees should have administrative access to the laptop.

Student requirements

It’s best that learners have some familiarity with:

  • Writing code (of just about any flavor) in a text editor such as Atom, Visual Studio Code
  • Working on the command line


8.3 hours

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Customer Comments

Class was excellent, and the Instructor was even better! Robin Beck is the best!


Excellent information presented by an experienced practitioner and an excellent presenter.

- Telmate

Fabian Met was a fantastic teacher. It was a pleasure being his student. He understood his audience and adapted his teaching style in way that fit the students well.

- NativeX, LLC

Robin Beck provided an excellent training: he was very knowledgeable and held a very comprehensive two day training session!

- Shomi

Just Great!


This was the best course I've ever taken. The instructor was just GREAT!


I was sad to have the training end! The personalized attention from the instructor was priceless. Chef made sense and I LOVED it! Every question and problem were solved and explained. Truly craft masters of Chef, take this and be ready to be amazed. I'm applying what I learned the next week after the course. Thank you CHEF!

- Trace3