Getting Started with Chef Automate

Getting Started with Chef Automate


The 2-day Getting Started with Chef Automate course is only available as a private training offering. Please email for more information.

How can you ensure that your systems are secure without slowing down your deployments? With Chef Automate, you express your security requirements as code and automate the assessment and remediation of your infrastructure.


In the instructor-led Getting Started with Chef Automate course, you will learn how to use the Chef Automate UI, perform compliance scans against Windows and Linux nodes, and remediate compliance issues.

In addition, you will learn how to use InSpec, Chef's open source testing framework for infrastructure.

You will create and use compliance profiles.  In this course you’ll learn how to write Chef cookbooks and recipes that can be used to remediate compliance issues. You will also learn how to use the Chef Audit cookbook, which allows you to run InSpec compliance profiles as part of the chef-client run. This course includes hands-on exercises to reinforce the material.

Two day course agenda:

  • Chef Automate overview
  • Chef Automate UI
  • Compliance scans, remediating issues, and re-scanning nodes
  • Creating and managing custom compliance profiles using InSpec  
  • Chef Resources
  • Chef Cookbooks
  • chef-client
  • ohai
  • Chef server
  • Community cookbooks
  • Using the Chef Audit cookbook

Workstation requirements

Attendees should bring a network-enabled laptop that has ssh enabled. Students will need to ssh into the course’s lab systems. For example:

  • Windows 7 or higher with ssh enabled
  • Mac OS X with ssh enabled
  • Ubuntu 14.04 ssh enabled

Attendees should have administrative access to the laptop.

Attendees will also need a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Student requirements

It’s best that learners have some familiarity with:

  • Writing code (of just about any flavor) in a text editor such as Atom or Visual Studio Code
  • Working on the command line


2 Days

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Customer Comments

Robin Beck provided an excellent training: he was very knowledgeable and held a very comprehensive two day training session!

- Shomi

I will recommend this class to my organization as one of the more complete solutions to on boarding new Chef users.

- The MITRE Corporation

It was great.

- Rakuten Inc.

Excellent information presented by an experienced practitioner and an excellent presenter.

- Telmate

Class was excellent, and the Instructor was even better! Robin Beck is the best!


Even though I've been using Chef for three years, I found this class immensely useful; not only did it allow me to examine and compare my current practices to those presented in the training, but I learned several new techniques for using Chef tools.

- Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

I was sad to have the training end! The personalized attention from the instructor was priceless. Chef made sense and I LOVED it! Every question and problem were solved and explained. Truly craft masters of Chef, take this and be ready to be amazed. I'm applying what I learned the next week after the course. Thank you CHEF!

- Trace3

Just Great!