Habitat Essentials- In Person

Habitat Essentials- In Person


Habitat Essentials is currently only available as a private training class, provided in person at your location or delivered online as a virtual training offering. This private training is for up to 15 participants. Please send email to the Chef training team if interested in purchasing this course.


Learn the basics of Habitat by taking Habitat Essentials. In this course you'll learn how Habitat builds applications and their dependencies into truly immutable, portable and platform-independent artifacts that contain everything they need to run.

You will learn key Habitat concepts, including the details of the Habitat plan.sh file, the use of Habitat studio and Builder, the core functions of the Supervisor, and more. It starts off by explaining the fundamental concepts of Habitat, and then gets increasingly technical as we progress through the class. The majority of the training is conducted through hands-on lab exercises using real examples.

Two day course agenda:

  • Introduction to Habitat
  • What is Habitat?
  • Habitat Environment Setup
  • Building Artifacts 101
  • Habitat Output Formats
  • Dynamic Configuration
  • The Habitat Supervisor
  • Creating a Supervisor Ring
  • Habitat Builder
  • Habitat Plans – A Deeper Dive
  • Habitat: Beyond the Basics
  • Refining a custom resource

Before taking this course we encourage you to check out the Habitat tutorials on Learn Chef Rally.

Workstation Requirements:

You will need to bring a wi-fi enabled laptop to class and will need admin/root access on the machine. You will need the ability to remote into the virtual machines provided in class.

Student Requirements:

  • Writing code (of just about any flavor) in a text editor
  • Working on the command line
  • Github and Docker Hub accounts


2 Days

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Customer Comments

Excellent information presented by an experienced practitioner and an excellent presenter.

- Telmate

The lab setups are excellent and allow the class to focus on the training objectives. It was a great way to get hands on experience with Compliance in one day.

- CVS Health

I don't usually like online training, but this training was great and Eric is really good, well-organized, and in control. The way he engaged each participants is amazing, and how he troubleshoot issues.

- BlackBerry Limited

Robin Beck provided an excellent training: he was very knowledgeable and held a very comprehensive two day training session!

- Shomi

this is a great class, with great content and mentor

- Softtek

This was the best course I've ever taken. The instructor was just GREAT!


This was the best training class I've taken. It was online using Zoom, it was super easy to share code and collaborate. The instructor kept everything going at a perfect pace and his knowledge and expertise on the topic was evident. 22 years of training in my career and this was hands down the best class I've taken. Better than classroom training. Looking forward to more!

- CVSHealth

Class was excellent, and the Instructor was even better! Robin Beck is the best!